Man of Steel 2 Now Batman v Superman: Watch the First Trailer From Comic-Con 2014

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Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder, along with Ben Affleck (Batman), Henry Cavill (Superman) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) unveiled the first teaser of the upcoming superhero film on 26 July at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.

Fans went crazy at the first glimpse of the eagerly-awaited film which showed both superheroes together on the big screen for the very first time in a live-action movie.

Here’s a description of the footage (via

Set at night, in pouring rain, it begins on a rooftop with Ben Affleck’s Batman – in souped-up armour much like he wields in Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, including glowing eyes – pulling a tarpaulin off the Batsignal. It shines into the sky, and then – illuminated against the clouds, flecked with lightning, standing inside the symbol, is Henry Cavill’s Superman. And he does not look happy, his eyes glowing red with burgeoning heat vision ray.

The camera tracks in on Batman’s face as he grimaces… and cut to black. No dialogue at this point, so there’s no idea of what Affleck sounds like as Batman, or indeed a wider sense of the story, but the message is clear: Clark and Bruce are going to face off, and Bruce has enhanced his Batsuit to compensate for the most powerful man alive.

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